Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer has come to an end...

Sadly today is my last day of summer break... Its kind of bittersweet!  I am excited to start a new year in a new grade with a new group of kiddos, but I have OVERLY enjoyed my freedom this summer.
Last week I had my 4th knee surgery, so I decided since I wont be able to be hopping around setting up a classroom on crutches, I put my classroom together in advance.  Of course, I'll probably get there tomorrow and realize I dont like it... I will just have to live!
Here are some pictures of my THIRD GRADE classroom. This year I have decided to go with a frog theme!  I cant wait to expand the creativity in this room!

 BEFORE....This a pic of what my room looked like when I arrived... SCARY!!!!

 Stations shelf!
This is my favorite area of the room... whole group carpet space, library and supplies shelf!

Close up of my amazing Library...
this classroom used to be one of my good friends-
she is letting me use all of her books until I build up my own library!!

Writing area... minus the items on the table~!

Small group area... Dont you just LOVE the crate seats! 
My grandpa and I made them- very fun seats plus awesome storage!

My desk.. I am still going to spice it up a bit!

Curriculum books and YELLOW mailboxes!

The entrance into my classroom!
I have an OPEN classroom- no door or side wall- this is the "hallway"!

Tomorrow I will be hopping into the third grade lilypad for the first time... Woohoo!


  1. Looks like you have a very open room!!! What school are you at?

  2. Your classroom is awesome...very open and tons of storage! It looks great :) I love those bright and sunny mailboxes!!